Please scroll down to Comments Below for best read Edit… ThemBy: Robert F. Gogan iii Chaper One: Them – A Description Much to First-Cadet John Alibaster Crowley’s dismay, ‘Johnny’ was a name that he just could not shake despite even being long-removed from the ‘Zone.’ but from her, that voice, calling him his name so… Read more “Them”

NEW Payment Method Now Accepted is pleased to announce the following payment methods are now available for you to easily contributed to great causes and pick up some cool merch while you’re at it! We will be now accepting Paypal! Please find the link and other payment methods below!$PantheonCafe Paypal: Thank You!

Our Creed

Residence, for the body as well as the piece of mind set forth by our Many Hands, Light Work, Equal Compensation principals we adhere to. Essentials, the basic necessities to sustain life, finally realized as basic human rights. Sustainability, created through the Many Hands, Light Work, Equal Compensation principals, adequate to enhance the changing needs… Read more “Our Creed”

Periodical Perceptions

I’ve got to say this is rather interesting how far along this tech has really come.

11/23/2020 After this weekend of setting up as much of the Social Media and Website as possible at this time, we have decided to launch to cover the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands roll-out LIVE @ We will also be adding the CashApp: $CGogan at this time for any donations towards our Socks for the Homeless Drive!