Coronavirus, Covid-19

Merry Christmas!

Covid-19 has recently claimed more than 250,000 American lives. One-quarter of a million Americans have lost their lives, many, alone in their last hours, apart from loved ones to comfort them in the end and many more who did not need to.

Significant numbers of poor and marginalized communities, have needlessly suffered inadequate health care for years and with the ‘rona many of these same under-served communities have suffered some of the highest fatality rates in the nation.

So, it is at these times, when we must come together and assist those most in need. It is time to accept, as a society, that health care and adequate care in these under-served is indeed a right, not one that can be bestowed upon the masses by members of congress solemnly praying on the steps of the very same institution they have trampled upon for so long. Not from the pen of the most highest office in the nation or upheld by those on the circuit or in the highest court of the land. But, these rights are indeed bestowed upon us all by our Creator and can only be affirmed and re-affirmed by our elected and appointed persons of government.

Stay Safe. Wear a Mask. Stay Alive.