Current Events

With the Holiday Season fast-approaching, and no sign of the ‘rona easing in many communities around the nation, cities and towns again face lock downs. In my local community and three other communities that border mine have all gone above a 10% infection rate.

Governor Charlie Baker and Beacon Hill have still failed to provide adequate relief, not only to the businesses in regards to ppe/ppp, but for the communities most in need. Only Chelsea, MA has started a ‘lottery’ for those most in need to receive up to $400/mo on a prepaid card. There are a few other cities and counties providing similar measures in California, Harris County, TX and Florida. Must we really rely on the Feds?

With the winter approaching we here at Pantheon Cafe hope to be able to raise enough funding for some socks for the homeless. Stay Safe, Wear a Mask and Stay Alive!