With Corona virus continuing to rage across the nation, the airports still ready themselves for what could still be a rather busy travel season. Authorities have estimated some 50 Million American’s will travel for Thanksgiving. With this comes a lot on complications. From the six foot distance, to the wearing of masks, even while on flight to the 14 day quarantine many communities have in place for travelers, I think I’ll pass this year.

I don’t say that easily, or with a light heart. My own wife is from a very large family who always get together for many celebrations throughout the year. We’ve had to miss many as we are both well within the high risk category.

Having said all of that, I do look forward to remaining here for a short while longer at least and take back to that open road, or to, once again, feel the ears pop as we climb in to that wild blue yonder. To be able to taste and experience the cuisines from far and wide, and, yes, to once again, celebrate with the loved ones we care so much about.

Stay Safe, Wear a Mask, Stay Alive.